Q. What is Cultural Consent?

A. Cultural Consent is an online magazine designed to foster public knowledge and debate around our current cultural beliefs. Each essay, review and video has been carefully curated with that purpose in mind.

Q. Are authors paid for submissions?

A. Cultural Consent is envisioned as an online platform where authors and readers freely exchange ideas and cultural critiques. The magazine’s content is driven by a shared interest in this vision. Because Cultural Consent is devoted to open access and public discourse, the magazine does not charge readers or require subscriptions at this time. As such, authors are not currently paid for their submissions.

A. Our magazine is a hybrid of sorts. On one hand, Cultural Consent operates on a model similar to academic journals. Submissions are reviewed by an expert and either accepted, accepted provisionally with recommendations for revision, or rejected. On the other hand, Cultural Consent is modeled after popular magazines that focus on current events and pop culture. For this reason, the magazine accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

Q. How do submissions work?

Q. Why do you require a signed consent form with each submission?

A. Cultural Consent recognizes and respects contributors’ rights and autonomy. The consent form is a way to ensure a mutual understanding of how the magazine will use an author’s work.