Ode to Toni Morrison

Ode to Toni Morrison

Photo credit: Time Magazine

I look at the words on the page

But for you I’m sure they were more than words—

I imagine the author seated, pen in hand

Pondering the winter snow

The memories of seasons past

When flowers bloomed

When the trees were not bare and beaten down.

If footprints were like a journey,

That snow would be the perfect canvas

Those trees would be the witnesses

To the journey they were forced to take  

The strength of will it took to stay alive

Past remembrances guiding their steps,

Sheer grit to persevere the wind.

Photo credit: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Photo credit: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

 Every winter

Falling flurries blind the lonely traveler

Constantly remind them they’re powerless

Against the icy rage of snowclouds;

I remember trudging through the storm

Looking back on my footsteps

How quickly they were lost in the sea of white

Wintry heavens silence the world

So one’s colors cannot show

And their history stays hidden.

But there’s passion in your words

The kind of warmth that thaws those icy footprints on the ground—

As they wash away memory

Into rememory


In our swiftly tilting planet— 

The kind of sun that lengthens the day,

Promises that the fight was not in vain.

I hope you woke up to that sunshine today,

that it kissed your lovely face

And touched you with the warmth you’ve so freely shared with our world.

Farewell to you


May your spirit guide us as we look through the blinding white

Towards the other side of heaven

 And the sun with whom you sailed

 Into eternity.

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About the author: Camilo is an artist from Houston, Texas. You can find him at the water's edge with a mug of coffee in hand.

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