Divorce Hits a Hyphen

“As the product of a mixed-race marriage, the dissolution of my parents’ relationship has given me eyes to see how popular US conceptions of race are resistant to people existing as anything between binaries.”

9 Parts of Desire: Raffo’s Representation of Iraqi Women

“Amidst a national rhetoric oriented against the Middle East…the US perpetuates a one-dimensional view of Middle Eastern women, whom the US misrepresents as oppressed with no hope of resistance. Post-9/11, and amid the growing violence in US attitudes toward the Middle East, Heather Raffo’s play 9 Parts of Desire operates as its own form of resistance to this narrative. “

Young, Gifted, Black & Shackled by Debt: Why Representation without Power is Not Enough

“Undoubtedly, we are living in an era of unprecedented black achievement. Our incomes are higher, our educational achievement is higher and our positive representation (meaning not overtly racist or stereotypical) in film and television is greater than ever. The recent success of films like Black Panther, or television shows like Blackish, attest to this. Yet, for all the celebration of racial representation in America, can we really say that this signifies black excellence?”