Bi Is Enough: Parting With Pansexuality

“Why did we need two labels for people who essentially experienced attraction in the same way? Why did there need to be two different communities? I couldn’t find a satisfying answer to this question beyond the fact that, of course, people were allowed to identify in the way that felt most comfortable to them. Slowly I began to find a more clarified position, after repeatedly processing my own identity and my relationship to the rest of the LGBTQ community, and after witnessing dozens of conversations about pansexuality and bisexuality online and in person. My position evolved into this: the LGBTQ community does not need pansexuality. Bisexuality is enough.”

Blackfishing: Beyond Appropriation

“Unlike most conversations exposing blackfishers and discussing cultural appropriation and commodification, my argument intends to critique the actual use of the term blackfishing. Although the term was and is used to expose those gaining capital for appropriating features specific to black women, the term itself has become an agent used to monitor the image of black women.”

What the Minority Tax Goes Toward

“Part of minority identity is work, and the popular, collective understanding of race is maintained and built by those who have to think about it. With that being said, not everyone pays taxes, not everyone contributes. As the fish doesn’t notice water, the white American isn’t required to think critically about race in terms of identity.“

A Trip to Havana

“What follows is a story of how this Texas-grown child of Colombian heritage fell in love with the crown jewel of the Caribbean. I experienced a place dearly beloved by its inhabitants, a people who cried out for the end of the U.S. embargo against Cuba and the resentment of so many years of misunderstanding.”